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We analyze millions of data points from attorney websites to gain insights and provide marketing solutions that work

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Add marketing copy that converts

We create compelling and engaging stories that draw users in, appeal to their emotions and drive them to action. Each piece of the marketing content is hand-crafted by professional writers to help you get the right clients, all while being optimized for search engines so you can be found.

Track everything

Keep track of your growth and see results that speak for themselves. We provide powerful insights into what is working and what isn't so you know exactly what is happening with your online marketing. Cut through all the noise with clear and actionable insights.

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Receive custom data-driven recommendations

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The future of online marketing is to make data-driven decisions. Smart and affordable A.I. will look at data from your competitors, your past results, and your partners to gain perspective and insight to assist in driving your law firm forward. We're building the technology to make that a reality.

Robert Zhou, Big 6 Media CEO

-Robert Zhou